Do Chicks Really Dig Scars? Do Guys?

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Lately I’ve been considering having the 13 inches of titanium hardware removed from my right leg. It won’t come out as easily as it went in, though – they’ll have to open me almost all the way from knee to ankle. That, of course, will leave a mega scar, and I find myself trying to imagine what it will look like in relation to all the other scars on this leg.

There are so many now, just on the right leg, that I can’t even count. My favorite, as it were, is just outside the knee. It makes a long, drawn-out ess, and with the lighter dotted scars from the stitches, it looks like a meandering ski turn, but with too many pole plants. Right next to it, though, is a gaper scar. Just last fall I got off my bike at the bottom of a really long descent and accidentally bumped against the brake rotor; now I have a three-inch curve in the shape of an XTR disk. Dumbass.

Live your life out load and you will be scarred. So, are these marker badges of honor? Of regret and mishap? Are they chapter headings for the books of our lives, leading to stories never forgotten? A little of everything?

More interesting, how are gender attitudes different? Do chicks really dig them? Or is that a rationalization by men to justify taking risk? Let’s dive in and find out.

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