Toyota Re-Releasing Iconic Land Cruiser 70

Yeah, sure, okay, today’s cars are amazing, but it was a sad day when a computer became more important to

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Yeah, sure, okay, today’s cars are amazing, but it was a sad day when a computer became more important to their maintenance than a wrench. If I look at the Subaru engine tucked into my Syncro, I can still tell the flux capacitor from the hyperdrive, unlike in most cars, where what’s under the hood looks more like a mainframe. Toyota’s Land Cruiser 70 series, only seen in North America in infinitesimally small quantities, hearkens back to that simpler time, and now, 30 years after its launch, it’s being re-released with retrograde styling.

For most of its life, the 70 series was a bulwark against the tide of over-luxed, over-tech SUVs, a relatively simple, nimble off-roader sold pretty much everywhere in the world except North America. (Blame those pesky U.S. emissions and safety standards again.) Toyota ceased production on the classic rig in Japan in 2004, though continued to produce it in relatively small numbers in Australia and a few other markets, and is bringing it back for the home market and nowhere else, and, alas, for only a year.

Bummer. The re-released 70 has a 4.0-liter V6 power plant producing 228 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque, with a five-speed manual gearbox (hallelujah!), part-time 4WD, and ABS and airbags – all at a cost of about $35,000. Yes, that’s a lot of coin, or yen, but have you seen the beast that wears the Land Cruiser badge in America lately? It starts at $80,000, comes with a 5.7 liter V8 that claims 13 mpg but probably gets 10 pulling jet skis, and comes with elements like a heated, leather-trimmed steering wheel. Give me something that speaks wrench any day.

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  • Erik

    I FULLY support this and if they made it in the US would get one. Hear me Toyota?

    • Dave

      Ditto. I’m in. Toyota, ya’ listening?

      • Will Butler

        I’m ready to trade in my 04 Tacoma tomorrow. Take my money please!

  • Matt

    Sign me up for the Pick up!

  • Steve Achey

    I’m ready to put down a deposit. Please Toyota bring this car to the USA.

  • Ryan

    Put me down for one! Y.E.S. I smell a revolution!

  • Mike Hermann

    I would buy this new on day 1 in the US. I’d even pay a bit more. Why not in the US Mr T?

  • Alan


  • TheSean

    Me too! I’ll take the pickup or SUV.

    Maybe this will convince Jeep to re-release the REAL Cherokee… and Comanche!

  • Dan Murphy

    Man, I just wish Honda would make the Element again. It’s cheap and does what I want. Mine is coming up on 100k miles and still has a lot of life left, but eventually it’s gonna die.
    This LC looks great, just a bit more than I want to spend.

  • Craig Rowe

    Holy balls.

    Done and done. Toyota, you magnificent bastards, you need to replace the FJ here with something.

  • Justin

    Count me in too. Toyota take my money please!

  • Chris

    I’m on my second honda element. I’d love for honda to make something like that again. At said, I’d buy one of these toyotas in a second!

  • Richard Cashin

    Now if BMW would only bring back the 70’s with the Bavaria 2002

  • doug moore

    If my 02 4Runner catches wind of me ogling over this lusty LandCruiser, I’m in trouble. Except for the fact that there not available in the States. Whew.

  • Wes

    You do realize that all that computer-controlled bummertimes you complained about with modern cars also applies to the modern V6 that’s in this thing, right? The old engines definitely didn’t put out 230hp with the kind of fuel efficiency that this thing will have!

    That said, I’ll be in the same line as the rest of you. 🙂

  • Chris

    Japan is right hand drive cars, so I’m guessing that’s why they’re not coming here. That doesn’t explain why they’re not going to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand etc though.

    I would be very interested in one if they made it to the US.

  • martini

    Good Lord yes Toyota! Puhleeeese bring that here stateside. The market desperately needs an affordable reliable sub, that is not a bloated over teched land barge like the current cruisers and land rovers. Give us something simple and durable! Please!

  • Keith

    These have been available in Australia since 2007. Only one engine option though a 4.5L turbo v8 diesel with 5spd manual. I bought one new 2 years ago and still love it. Although as usual we get ripped off by car manufactures down under, we pay AU$74,500 for one of these new.

  • Brodie

    I would trade my 2009 tacoma, and one of my 40 series and my 60 series to get one of these.
    All I want is the 2 door pickup, even though I want the 1hz or 2H I would go for a 2trfe or 1grfe.

  • Chris

    For those in the U.S. who are interested in this vehicle, how difficult would it be to ship/import this vehicle from Japan to the U.S. What are the differences between the Japanese and U.S. vehicle safety regulations/standards?

    At what percentage would be the import tax?

    Shipping cost?

    The reason I am asking is because I have a good friend who currently works in Japan and he mentioned that he might be able to assist me with acquiring this vehicle. I am just not sure what U.S. regulations or safety standards this vehicle might not meet that could prevent me from driving this vehicle on U.S. roads.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    • Bret

      Unfortunately it is much more difficult to import new cars into the States, since there are emissions, crash/saffety and other tests that apply. Much easier to import an older, used Land Cruiser.

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