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Sam, a yellow lab belonging to Sharon and Steve Gansen of Missoula, Montana, had the best day of his life on Thursday. On a two-hour walk, he swam in Rattlesnake Creek, rolled in the poop of some other dog, found some dead thing in the bushes to give to Sharon and Steve, and sniffed six other dogs’ butts. And he found a stick. It was, in his estimation, the best day of his life.

Although Sam does not remember details, the first four days of the week went like this:

– On Sunday, Steve and Sharon went to the park and used a Chuckit ball launcher to throw a tennis ball for Sam to fetch 127 times in a row. That was the best.


– On Monday, he chased squirrels for nearly an hour after Steve got home from work and let him out into the back yard. That was the best.

– On Tuesday, while home alone, Sam ate an entire box of Girl Scout Thin Mints that Sharon had purchased from a neighbor and intended to take to work. That was the best.

– On Wednesday, Sam got a belly rub and fell asleep on Sharon’s lap while she sat on the couch and caught up on episodes of House of Cards. That was the best.


Sharon and Steve predict that tomorrow, Sam will, again, have the best day of his life.

Photo by Andy Simonds/Flickr
The Adventurey Report is almost certainly not true.
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