CoryNature offers up plenty of magnificent moments to those with a waiting camera, but an eye for simplicity and minimalism can take a shot to the next level artistically. Cory Staudacher’s Instagram photos do just that. You may have seen his photo and design work in recent campaigns for Warby Parker and Everlane, but when it comes to Instagram, he sticks with his iPhone 5S and often shoots in the beautiful places in and around his native Seattle.

An early adopter, Staudacher was #7870 to join Instagram and has been helping to shape the direction of mobile photography since its early days in 2010. He shares his photo and editing skills in an online video class on Skillshare.

Follow him @withhearts.


Run Into Winter

“I wanted to have some movement in this photo so I had my friend run by while I snapped some photos.”


Captain @keeg

This photo was taken at Lake Cushion – I wanted to draw attention to the subject’s face so I put his upper half above the mountains.”


Mapping weekend in Ford Escape

“Here, I put the subject in front of the sun and was able to catch some sun rays.”



Mr. @drvolland

“The light was amazing on this ferry ride so I had to snap a portrait.”


New York City

“This was taken when I was flying over New York in a helicopter. The fog was amazing.”



“Found this huge tree and couldn’t help to put someone on it to show scale.”


Tree picture

“As I looked up from a hike we caught some amazing fog and depth to this photo.”



Cushman Cave

“The light was glowing from this cave in Lake Cushman, so I wanted to show that light on my subject. Looking around for unique light or awesome locations.”


Lake Chushman

This is next to our cabin at Lake Cushman and the light was setting at the perfect time.”


Fog rolls in

We caught the fog rolling in Lake Cushman at the perfect conditions. Checking back on locations for different conditions is a good idea.

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