Tally GunstoneTally Gunstone has the Pacific Northwest in her blood, and it shows in her photos. A native Portlander, Gunstone grew up hiking and backpacking with her family, and brings her sense of intimacy with nature into her work as a graphic designer for local northwest companies like Danner Boots. Her weekly tramps into the forests and meadows near her home are the fodder for her Instagram photos, all shot on her iPhone.

Gunstone’s Instagram account is packed with scenic perspectives of lookout points, waterfalls and clandestine hot springs and swimming holes. But don’t expect to snatch coordinates to any of her secret spots. “Choosing a place you want to explore, looking at maps, getting lost, and then finally seeing the spot for the first time is an experience I think people should have,” she says. “You kind of have to earn it. Especially the more secretive spots! You lose the value of the experience when its handed to you.”

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Morning light on the coast

Morning light on the coast.


Tari found the reading nook

I woke up to find my sister Tari in the ‘reading nook’ at our camp spot on a private cape high above the Pacific.


Perfect place to pitch a @beckelcanvas tent

A perfect place to pitch a @beckelcanvas tent. On set with @kampgrizzly shooting for @dannerboots in southern Oregon.


Morning Vibes

Morning vibes at Beverly Beach State Park on the Oregon coast.


Last Year's NY

The first glimpse of the Steen Mountains on the way to ski across the Alvord Desert last winter.


We landed on the moon

I hadn’t explored the sand dunes at Pacific City since I was a kid. It was a fun, nostalgic time with my friend @charleyzheng who is sitting at the top.


Good Friday

I cut up some fallen trees from my family’s property in Washington and my friend made a really unique stump patio out of the rounds.


That One Time

Winter camping with my sister Tari at Palouse Falls, Wash. This place still holds the record for the highest kayak waterfall drop.


A wet & stormy welcome back to Oregon

Rain doesn’t stop the adventures. Exploring a new place on the southern Oregon coast on the way back from a road trip through the Redwoods.


Totem poles

Camping and canoeing through the ‘totem poles’ on Fourth of July last year near Mount Adams, Wash.


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