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“This place was cool until all the yuppie trash started moving in,” Paul Franklin, a part-time ski rental shop associate and part-time Realtor, announced to three visiting skiers from Texas on Breckenridge Ski Resort’s Mercury Super Chair on not too long ago.

“This town used to have a soul, you know? When I first got here, it was legit, everybody here for the right reasons. Now…it’s just poseurs,” Franklin said to the three as he clacked the tips of his carving skis together and knocked off the packed powder. Ryan, Tom, and Jason Halstead, brothers from Fort Worth, shrugged and uncomfortably glanced at each other as Franklin continued. “It’s really too bad,” he said.

“I can remember when you could actually rent a decent place in town without having to work four jobs, and you didn’t have to wade through crowds of rich douchebags who acted like they owned the damn place when you wanted to get a beer. Those were the good old days,” he said.


“Plus, none of these idiots can drive,” Franklin said.

Jason Halstead cleared his throat. “So, um, how long have you been here?” he asked.

“Oh, jeez, a while now. I think it was, yeah, like, last Thursday. It’s really gone to shit since then/”

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