Want your photos to look like JC's? Get the Jimmy Chin filter!

Want your photos to look like JC’s? Get the Jimmy Chin filter!

Photographer and filmmaker Jimmy Chin has some significant first ascents under his belt, and now he adds another first: Instagram announced today that Chin will be the first person with a signature filter on the ultra-popular social photography platform. Move over Mayfair, Sutro, Brannan, and Kelvin – it’s Jimmy Chin time.

“I’m incredibly flattered,” said Chin. “It’s a tremendous honor, especially since Instagram involved me in developing the look of the filter right from the beginning.”

Instagram would not reveal elements that make the filter, citing the need to protect its intellectual property, but described it this way:


” ‘Jimmy Chin’ makes everything slightly more radical, turns snow lighter, climbs steeper, and conditions a bit more rugged. With a nod to Jimmy’s heritage, it is the perfect blend of deep Asian reverence for the natural world, Western pragmatism, and mountain-town chill. And it gives hair a lustrous sheen.”

Chin, once considered the outdoor world’s most eligible bachelor by the sort of people who track such things, saw his Q rating drop last summer after the New York Times announced his wedding to film director Elizabeth Vasarhelyi, and Instagram briefly considered shelving the JC filter. But, said an Instagram spokesman, Chin’s popularity in zip codes with above average sales of “50 Shades of Grey” skyrocketed, and the company went ahead as planned with only subtle tweaks to the filter’s settings.

“The original Jimmy filter had notes of wanderlust and a strong undertone of spontaneity,” said Instagram. “They’re still there in the post-nuptials version, but have been eclipsed by a stronger sense of commitment and trustworthiness, with just the merest whiff of taken. We expect to see it applied to a lot of children’s soccer game photos.”

The Adventurey Report is almost certainly not true.

Photo by Jimmy Chin

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