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Even after the fourth time they somehow returned to the junction of the Orchard Loop Trail and the Cobblestone Trail at Annadel State Park on Sunday, Terry Martin and Trina Thomas-Martin were NOT lost, according to Martin.

Before their day hike, Thomas-Martin had suggested the couple grab one of the free park maps from the visitors center, but Martin refused, saying he knew the place like the back of his hand. He had hiked the trail a few times with friends from work, he said, and was familiar with it, plus, he has a “incredibly awesome sense of direction, anyway.”

So, he got just a little turned around. They’d hiked the trail in the late afternoon, not the late morning, and everything looked a little different in that light, okay? Sheesh.


Martin answered Thomas-Martin’s repeated queries regarding their location with “I know where we are, just give me a minute,” but failed to elaborate on the couple’s exact location.

Walter Kennedy, a local insurance agent who hikes the trail every Sunday from April until October, eventually stopped to ask the couple if they needed help. They answered simultaneously, Martin saying “no” and Thomas-Martin saying “yes,” slightly more loudly than Martin. Kennedy then directed them back to the trailhead.

Martin polished off his 20-ounce bottle of Dasani water as Thomas-Martin thanked Kennedy for his help. One Kennedy continued up the trail and disappeared around some trees, Martin said again, “We weren’t lost. Just so you know.”

The Adventurey Report is almost certainly not true.

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