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A transplant from the UK to southwest Utah, Anna Cranmer is grateful for the sunny desert where she’s spent her

anna cranmer mugA transplant from the UK to southwest Utah, Anna Cranmer is grateful for the sunny desert where she’s spent her last 15 years, and it shows in her Instagram feed: a prolific stream of red rock scenery from her weekly hikes and bouldering sessions in southwest Utah. Cranmer works in flight operations at an airline four days a week, then spends much of her time away from the office rambling around the desert, working part-time as a hiking guide, giving her plenty of chances to pop out her phone and snap richly colored photos. She admits to having “a minor obsession with petroglyphs and pictographs” and has three great outdoor companions in her boyfriend and their two dogs.

Cranmer says she’s always been a bit of a photographer, and Instagram gave her the means to share her passion:

“This whole new outlet for expression presented itself to me and it has been incredible to communicate with like-minded people and see and learn about some of the amazing things other people do and see. The feedback I get from people who like my photos is a constant source of encouragement and its is so unbelievably gratifying to share something that I think is meaningful and special and get a good response about it. I love sharing photos from the places I’ve been and the things I see, and if it inspires someone else to have a grand adventure then I am happy.”

Follow her at /ancran.


Petrified Dunes trail in Snow Canyon State Park, UT.


Nancy Peterson on Saucerful of Secrets, near Moe’s Valley in St. George, UT.


Irresistible colors and forms in the sandstone on the Moki trail, near St. George, UT.


Amber Dorius on XY Chromosome in Moe’s Valley, St. George, UT.


A beautiful perfectly round Agave I saw on the Padre Heights trail in Santa Clara, UT.


Tyler Webb bouldering out at Garth, Tucker spotting. Near Washington Fields, UT.


A rare sight, the stream at Red Cliffs frozen over. I love the contrast between the blue ice and the red sandstone. Near Leeds, UT.


Angus Cranmer tearing it up on the Prospector and Church Rocks trail this Spring. Near St. George, UT.


Angus Cranmer out hiking on The Gila trail, St. George, UT.


Aaron Spendlove on The Mushroom Boulder at Super Mario World, St. George, UT.

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  • Kathleen Rock

    I think these are beautiful.

  • Sandy

    Beautiful nature (especially love #3) and very cool sport shots….thx for the inspiration

  • lauridaily

    ExCeLLeNt WoRk AnnA!!! LOVE all of them!! Fave is the iced over creek!

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