SONY DSCIn Park City, they danced in Main Street and cars honked their horns in an impromptu parade, but in other parts of the Beehive State shutters were drawn and flags were lowered to half-mast after a decade-long legislative effort culminated in the legalization of beer with 3.3 percent alcohol content.

The previous legal limit was 3.2 percent.

“It’s an historic day,” crowed State Representative Stephen Duckworth, Democrat and one of sponsors of the Brewed Beverage Act of 2013. “Utah finally enters the 20th Century!”


After one of the most contentious legislative campaigns in Utah’s history, the State Senate voted 15-14 to approve, giving the bill the final push it needed. Governor Gary Herbert, while saying that he personally opposed the change, promised to sign the bill into law, putting the interests of the business community ahead of social conservatives.

In the end, the vote came down to economic considerations: With the decriminalization of marijuana in next-door Colorado, the powerful Utah ski industry was terrified that the budding pot tourism market in Summit County, Vail, Aspen, and other ski towns would have a serious drain on visits. The Greatest Snow on Earth would have a tough time against Rocky Mountain High, or so the thinking went.

“Pot’s always been legal in Telluride,” said one legislative aide under condition of anonymity, “but the thought of people skipping Snowbird so they could smoke bowls in the Back Bowls made a lot of people soil their temple garments.”

Flush with success and wanting to take advantage of their momentum, supporters of the 3.3 initiative said they’re going to turn their considerable social media network and fundraising base to tackling what political insiders is an even tougher challenge: legalizing Red Bull.

The Adventurey Report is almost certainly not true.

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