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On August 12, Rob Carter, a 38-year-old mortgage broker from Naperville, Illinois, will join 17 other climbers and six guides on a four-day climb of Mount Rainier. Their mission isn’t simply to climb Rainier by the Disappointment Cleaver route – they’re climbing to raise awareness of charity mountain climbs worldwide.

“Every year, hundreds of people strap on crampons and climb some of the world’s biggest mountains for dozens of causes, from lung cancer, to diabetes, to building schools,” Carter says. “We decided we could do something to help get the word out. You know, if you hadn’t seen it on a friend’s Facebook page a couple times already.”

Carter and his teammates will not solicit donations for their climb or for other people participating in charity climbs – their goal is strictly increasing awareness of the dozens of charity climbs, and hundreds of charity climbers out there, on Rainier, Kilimanjaro, Everest, Mt. Hood, and other peaks.


“They’re raising money for good causes,” Carter says, “and we want to help – in a way that may be less direct than donating to the charities themselves, but allows us a chance to summit Mt. Rainier and get a rad new Facebook profile photo. It’s for the children. Or diabetes. Or clean air. Or whatever.”

Next up: Carter will ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn to raise awareness of charity cycling events.

The Adventurey Report is almost certainly not true.

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