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Utah’s Wasatch Front is home to 1.7 million people, most of whom, it seems, on any given day are ski-mountaineering in the mountains east of Salt Lake, and now they’re going to have a safer, swifter alternative to their often sketchy descents: A new helicopter operation called Wasatch Heli-Skinning Guides is opening at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon next winter.

“Skimo is all about the ups,” said owner Anderson Wright, “and we’re all about the downs. There’s nothing worse than cranking some Nine Inch Nails, setting a personal record to the top of Superior, and then having to ski down. By your third turn, your sweat has dried, your heart rate has dropped below 130 beats per minute, and your legs have begun to atrophy. We’ll have you back to the trail in three minutes, guaranteed, so you can make another lap or head to the gym for crossfit.”

The skimo community seems stoked about the service, with the forums at lighting up. “Now that I don’t have carry extra clothes for the descent,” wrote a user named t3chbindings4lif3, “I can climb in my underwear and shave seconds off my ups!”


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