Mother Nature and Cupid have been working on a little collaboration…here are 25 more wonderful heart-shaped creations.

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2. Joshua Tree National Park, California, by Michael Dorausch

3. Coral, by Shutterstock

4. South Korea

5. Curled leaf, by Shutterstock

6. Flowers, by Shutterstock

7. Tree, by Steve Casimiro

8. Cloud, Colorado, by Shutterstock

9. Rock hole, by Quinn Dombrowski


10. Cactus, by Shutterstock

11. Lake, Austria, by Petras Kudaras

12. Birds, by Shutterstock

13. Beach, by Sinuhe Xavier

14. New Caledonia

15. Cracked rock, by Aislinnv

16. Leaf on ice, by Giannis Pitarokilis

17. Tree, by Shutterstock

18. Cloud, Judith Doyland

19. Heart Nebula, NASA

20. Hole in rock, by Eric Chan

21. Sand and ice, by Oosp

22. Rock on beach, by Shutterstock

23. Mangroves

24. Pothole, by by Shutterstock

25. Hole in wall, by Shutterstock

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