Hiking is one of the most boring activities in the world to watch.

Meditation might edge it out, but beyond that it’s difficult to think of too many pursuits that are so fun yet so deathly dull to view. And photographing it? Yikes. Trust me on this one: I’ve done more hiking photo shoots than I can count and it’s a very short list of accessories you can attach to it (drink water! read a map!) to dress it up even slightly. All of which makes the Muir Project really, really impressive: This crew of design-savvy backcountry lovers has put together a short little film about hiking and backpacking that’s entertaining, fun, and cool.

The Muir Project consisted of about nine people, including director Jason Fitzpatrick, director Ric Serena, and producer Jen Serena, who hiked the 219-mile John Muir Trail in 25 days last summer and are working on a feature-length doc of their trip. This teaser is the first glimpse of what they produced, and it’s fabulous. I was ready for winter, but after watching it I’m longing for high summer in the Sierra again.


For more, see The Muir Project.

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