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adventure journal poc trabec bike helmet
Poc Trabec Bike Helmet
Not to be overly reductionist, but gals tend to fall into two camps: those who embrace pink gear and those who don't. If you're in the first camp, here's a sweet pastel-y version of Poc's massively vented, steezy-style Trabec bike helmet. If you're in the latter, not to worry: It comes in white, black, blue, red, and more, and fits dudes, too. $150
adventure journal backcountry giro empire mountain bike shoe limited edition
Limited Edition Giro Empire Mountain Bike Shoe
How're you feeling about bling? You big on it? Cause this new collaboration between Backcountry and Giro is not for shrinking violets. Clad in "Backcountry blue," it has a carbon fiber outsole for stiffness and power transfer, a lightweight breathable microfiber upper, and X-Static Supernatural footbed to keep the mank at bay. Shipping June 1, available for pre-order now. $300
Rip Curl Women's G Bomb Booty Longsleeve Spring Wetsuit
A hundred bucks to stave off the spring chill and stay out for a passel more waves? That's a bargain. The Rip Curl G-Bomb Booty Longsleeve Spring Suit is made a super-comfy, super-flexible one millimeter neoprene — just enough to keep the fire stoked without making you work any harder for it.
Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle
Hydrate or die? How about "caffeinate or snooze through another day of boring meetings"? Take Joe with you everywhere in this classic design from Stanley, the deep red a sassy departure from the brand's traditional PNW green. $33
GoPro Blackout Housing
A camera housing does nothing It's like a suitcase, designed to protect your stuff. Nevertheless, the new GoPro Blackout housing is dang cool. Its exterior is matte black, which cuts down on reflection and makes the camera less visually obtrusive in shots. Of course, it'll be harder to find if you drop it in the weeds, too, but it's just so cool. $49
Adventure Journal Saw It Liked It Victorinox Soldier Standard Issue Swiss Army Knife
Victorinox Soldier Standard Issue Swiss Army Knife
Does your multitool looks like a Transformer and weigh your pocket like a brick? Consider the organic curves of the standard issue Swiss Army Knife, which still has all you need: drop-point blade, screwdrivers, wire stripper, and wood saw. $53
Chinon Bellami HD-1 Digital Super 8 Camera
If the boom in retro-designed DSLRs and mirrorless cameras is any guide, Chinon will kill it with this Super 8-style digital movie camera. You can certainly get higher frame rates and res elsewhere — it shoots 30 fps, not 60, which has some observers whining — but they won't be packaged in this beautiful pistol-grip retrostalgic lust object. Want. At 80,000 yen, about $780, it's not so far out of reach.
Levi's Skateboarding Workpant
You might not skateboard, but you wear pants. You do wear pants, right? Okay, then. The Levi's Work Pants from the brand's skate collection have a lot more stretch than a typical work pant, which has none, and they're built of heavy-duty Cordura. In other words: They're a pretty spicy all-around, livin', lovin', leavin' pant. $75
Decked Pickup Truck Bed Organizer
Made of 100 percent recycled high density polyethylene and mostly recycled steel, the Decked pickup truck organizing system can stash anything you carry, wet or dry, and keep it fully isolated from the elements. Every one of its compartments can serve as a cooler for serious tailgating. It fits most full-size trucks, weighs just 200 pounds, and can handle a 2,000-pound load on top of it. $999
hoka one one
Hoka One One Rapa Nui 2 Trail Running Shoe
Don't knock 'em til you tried 'em. Hoka One One's Rapa Nui 2 is as goofy looking as the three-eyed fish on The Simpsons, but that 50% extra EVA under foot means your dogs can go longer, faster, and feel fresher, without giving up nimbleness. $130
Dakine Women's Cypress Flannel Bike Jersey
The Cypress’s sweatshirt-style softness and camp vibes are exactly what you miss in typical bike clothes, but the quick-dry fabric and athletic fit make it perfect to pack for chilly descents. Or just sitting around the campfire. $70
adventure journal oliberte yezu weekender bag
Oliberte Yezu Weekender Bag
People buy things because they like the things, not to do good, and by that standard the Yezu bag more than holds it own. The soft leather case measures 12x6x16.5, making it adaptable from a daily work bag to an overnighter to a weekender. It's lined with soft Ethiopian cotton. As for the doing good, the Yezu is handmade in Addis Ababa, where Oliberte is a proactive advocate for living wages and workers' rights. The brand, which also makes shoes, is a B Corporation, member of 1% for the Planet, and the world's first Fair Trade certified footwear company. $220
adventure journal dainese air vest
Dainese Inflatable Skiing Airbag
Three years ago, the international ski racing association, FIS, approach protective gear manufacturer Dainese about building an inflatable vest based on those used by motorcyclists. Today, the vest is a reality and is almost ready for production. Dainese presented it to FIS at the Sochi Olympics and is hopeful it will be ready for use next winter. It senses an alpine skier's fall and inflates in 100 milliseconds to cover the chest, shoulders, collar bones, and cervical vertebrae; Dainese says is absorbs 61% of the impact. The tricky part? Programming it tell the difference between a jump and a crash. As for the future, how long before it's ready for mountain bikers and free skiers?
mobius cycling pedal
Mobius Cycling Pedal
At 268 grams per set, including cleats and bolts, the Mobius Infinity isn't the lightest pedal on the planet, but it's strikingly simple. Slightly resembling the Ultralite Sports design, which is road only, the mountain-oriented Infinity has a spring and roller system—line up the cleat on the bottom of your shoe, slide it backwards, and feel the roller snap into place on a pair of tabs. Can it rival the ubiquitous Crankbrothers Eggbeater? It has to pass its Kickstarter goal first.
Prana Rhody Reversible Jacket
Turning your shirt inside out when it’s dirty is nothing special, but having it look good when you do so is. Prana’s soft Rhody reversible jacket has a snap front, plaid cotton on one side, and solid nylon on the other. $95