Wait, Is That Really a Snow Leopard Chasing a Skier?

More likely trying to run away, as both parties were freaked by the surprise meeting in the Kashmir pow.

A cynic once described skiing as having three possibilities-you go left, right, or straight-but clearly wasn’t taking into account nearly running over a snow leopard hunkered in the pow. Australian Owen Lansbury was skiing in Gulmarg, Kashmir, when his group startled the big cat, startling everyone in sight.

“The story is we skied our first powder line and the guide in yellow almost ran over the leopard,” Landsbury wrote on his Facebook page.

“I stopped just as it huddled in the snow, where it stayed for about a minute checking us out. It then let out a solid roar and bounded away down the slope towards Dave, but scooted off into the forest, where we think it probably had a kill stashed. Pretty amazing experience!”

Video of the leopard.

Posted by Owen Lansbury on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • David

    I was the ski guide who works for Bills Trips based out of Australia. Come check us out. Kashmir is the perfect experience for anyone who follows Adventure Journal.

  • Ben

    Wow, what a tense experience. Must have been amazing though.

  • Chris Angus

    Hi, snow leopards cannot roar.

  • Tony

    Can’t even begin to imagine the kind of rush this would have been for the group!

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