The Spectacular Beauty of Zion National Park

The Spectacular Beauty of Zion National Park

More Than Just Parks filmmakers outdo themselves in a stunning—yes, we used ‘stunning’—look at this Utah wonderland.

It’s not just enough to film or photograph a national park: You should do justice to the extraordinary nature of the park itself, something that brothers Will Pattiz and Jim Pattiz have been doing since they launched their More Than Just Parks effort to document all 59 national treasures.

Their latest film (below), which they finished just a couple hours ago and is so fresh it’s still warm, celebrates Zion.

Will writes:

For Zion we spent more time than ever before - spending nearly a month in the park exhaustively exploring all of its many wonders. This place is so incredibly diverse. The biggest surprise for us was how much more there is to the park outside of the main canyon - it is stunning. Golden meadows, sweeping vistas, red rock mountains, towering white temples, and powerful ancient rivers make up this incredible treasure. We felt Zion was best captured in the fall with its striking yellow cottonwoods set against the red canyon walls. There is one time lapse at the climax of the film that goes from cloudy to snow storm and back that we were particularly proud of. We had no idea that the storm was coming and luckily had our cameras rolling beforehand and just let them ride through the storm, covering them with shopping bags and jackets to keep the snow from ruining the shot.

Here are a few fun statistics from our trip:

Crew Members: 3

Time: 24 days

Distance: 100mi+

Photos/Videos: 35,000+

Digital Memory: 4TB

Filmed in 8K

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • Jay Long

    Beautiful images of a beautiful place. Great stuff!

  • Ted Wilson

    These guys are amazing. I think Zion is their best yet.

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