Seeking Nirvana…and Finding It

A four-man crew discovers some of the best Whistler has to offer.

There's a nine-second clip in the middle of this gravely home-spun movie, Seeking Nirvana, that flawlessly captures the feeling of skiing. As segments go, it's nothing much, just a guy shredding down a chute and working the lefthand wall. But the way the camera follows, and the framing that captures the action at the corner of the eye, make it seem like it's you in the driver's seat, ripping down the gut as your buddy plays on the shoulder. It's visceral and then some.

The rest of this 10-minute product, bookended by a faux-Sam Elliott voiceover, is packed with pillow lines and tree-threading, all captured near Howe Sound not so far from Whistler. It's good stuff, all of it, deep powder and good times, and well worth the watch. Still, the autonomous skiing system in me keeps coming back to those handful of turns that start at 3:20...

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • Maddy

    I give this a 10 star rating. LOVE IT! OUTSTANDING!!!

  • Brian

    Little much with the wes anderson references but great skiing.

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