The Immense Solitude of Arctic White

The Immense Solitude of Arctic White

A new book shows the Arctic in its pristine, achingly beautiful essence

Vincent Munier has spent much of the last decade in the polar regions, seeking majestic beauty in the ethereal, elemental, monochrome world of snow, rock, cloud, and fur, and what he’s captured there stands as testament to how much can be said with seeming so little. The winter world of black, white, and grey is every bit as vibrant as the multicolored palette of summer, or middle latitudes, and in this starkness perhaps a more truthful essence is revealed.

This short film is a promo for Munier’s new book, Artique, but really, it’s a love letter to the colder climes and the creatures that live there. I don’t use the world lightly when I say, “Stunning.”

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • Seabass

    Beautiful. Well done. It takes a big commitment to get these images.

  • Dan Murphy

    All I can say is WOW

  • Casper

    Vincent Munier is an exceptional photographer in my humble opinion. I have 5 of his books and they all provide such wonder and joy…you must look into purchasing his books…they will last for generations!

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