Moments of Regret: Big Avalanche, Long Ride

A pro skier picks the wrong slope and takes a terrifying beat down for it.

Andrea Binning had the bad luck-or made the wrong decision-and skied into a soft slab on a big Alaskan face, trigged a widespread release and going for a long, long ride. She and her group say they’re humbled by the close call. Let’s hope so.

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • RM2Ride

    As you’ve pointed out before, Moments of Regret and Moments of Relief are two sides of the same coin.

    Is it just me, or does everything about this smack of “Isn’t this cool what these skiers got away with?”

    From the baritone, faux-drama-intoning voice over to the flat casualness with which the skiers make remarks like “We probably should have pulled the plug earlier” and “The important thing is that everybody learned something from it” this seems like a missed opportunity to say something along the lines of “she is really, really lucky she walked away from that slide, in which a series of bad small decisions led to a situation that was nearly catastrophic. Don’t make the same mistake yourself.”

    Instead, we get more pap/clickbait from Outside…

  • Mal

    It’s ok talking about learning something from it , But hey they had a freaking helicopter and film crew out there for support as well as luck on their side , The average person looking to do a bit of offpiste won’t be so lucky if aspiring to these guys and copies the same actions . I think it’s really important as pros to express to viewers exactly what they are doing and the dangers of it all and also some human reasons as to why other than because we just wanted to do a trip and it looked crazy gnarl red bull will throw money at us fyeah. Also the risk is not the only reward , Watching this video at no point did i get a sense that they were genuinely happy and having as much fun as they would be just tearing up a local resort which again comes back to the question why?

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