Marmot Bets Big on Super Bowl Ad

Marmot Bets Big on Super Bowl Ad

A peeing rodent, anyone? The outerwear brand is banking on humor to break through.

It’s no surprise to anyone that speciality retail stores are filled with racks of outerwear items that are relatively indistinguishable from one brand to another. Consumers know this, the brands know this. Fight all they want over feature sets, fabrics, and colors, first comes brand awareness, then sales, then later, maybe, brand loyalty. So, how’s Marmot tackling the issue? By dropping a spending bomb and running a 30-second ad with CBS during Super Bowl 50, airing February 7, to reach a whole bunch of potential new customers.

That’s a whole lot of dough: CBS President Leslie Moonves estimated that a 30-second spot for this year’s Super Bowl will cost $5 million. That’s more than Marmot spent on all measured advertising in 2015, TV, print, and digital combined, and two and half times as much as it spent in the first 10 months of last year, AdvertisingAge reported.

But Marmot clearly think it’s worth it, and maybe it is. Kia Sorrento sales jumped 13 percent for the year after advertising in last year’s big game. The outdoor culture is relatively hermetic, and Marmot stands to reach millions who don’t know REI from EMS.

“Marmot’s new campaign represents a shift from its historical focus on incredible outdoor feats to showcasing the simple joys and benefits of just being outside,” said Tom Fritz, Marmot’s vice president of marketing.

The brand released three 15-second teasers in advance of the game, then will drop a 60-second version afterward. It’s also sponsoring CBS weather coverage in the run-up to the bowl.

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • Craig

    Surprised they just didn’t do 30 seconds of Curly’s Clips. Woulda rocked.

  • Kevin

    Some news orgs were saying that advertisers were trying to inject more humor into the sb ads because they say that’s what works nowadays

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