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Any time you’re spending money on a house, the stress is magnified. Costs are almost always high, and you have to live with your decisions, good and bad. Buying a house or cabin is fraught with worry, and building, well, that’s another can of a thousand wormy decisions (though, there are certainly worse stresses than, say, have to pick the flooring of your weekend getaway). On the other hand, buying a pre-designed, simple, and ready made structure, like the Wedge cabins in Wilson, Wyoming, or this new shelter from Spanish architectural firm Ábaton, has a lot to recommended it. Pay for it, pick your site, and have the truck deliver.

Despite obvious benefits, though, prefabricated housing hasn’t caught on in North America as it has in Europe. There are cost efficiencies, of course, and better quality control from building indoors instead of onsite in unpredictable weather. Indeed, the cost of this 290-square foot house, is just $42,000. That’s not chump change, of course, but if you can snap up a sweet cabin for the price of an Audi, maybe you should. We’re snapping up European automobiles…why not houses?

The ÁPH80, as Ábaton has named it, is divided into a three sections. There’s a full(ish) bedroom, a full bathroom, and a central living space with a tiny kitchenette area. All the views are oriented in the same direction, and it’s easy to picture this little home dropped onto a pad above a lake or beach. The exterior of cement-treated wood, seems sterile, but it already looks weathered and will taken on an organic ruggedness over time. And the whole thing closes up nice and tight — a bonus since vacation homes are vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism.

For more, visit abaton.es/en Photos by Juan Baraja

Weekend Cabin isn’t necessarily about the weekend, or cabins. It’s about the longing for a sense of place, for shelter set in a landscape…for something that speaks to refuge and distance from the everyday. Nostalgic and wistful, it’s about how people create structure in ways to consider the earth and sky and their place in them. It’s not concerned with ownership or real estate, but what people build to fulfill their dreams of escape. The very time-shortened notion of “weekend” reminds that it’s a temporary respite. To see more weekend cabins, visit the Weekend Cabin channel page.

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