The Daily Bike: Urbanist Chamois Panties

urbanist underwearWould you want to walk around all day wearing a chamois under your skirt or jeans? The Urbanist says yes, and so does the $25,000 or so it’s raised via Kickstarter to produce these padded undies, called the Brigitte.

The chamois panties are the inspiration of Christiana Guzman, a product designer in Austin, Texas.

“I go on a lot of social rides here in ATX where we all end up at a show, dancing, karaoke, a bar, or any number of awesome fun things you can think of,” she says. “The rides are often tough, plenty of miles and sometimes more hills than I might like. However, it just ain’t cool to show up in a spandex suit. None of the cycling gear on the market had the versatility or the style I was looking for so I came up with…something I could wear underneath my normal clothes without feeling too bulky.”

Guzman has created two models. The Brigitte (above, $50) has a thicker padding is meant for longer rides. The Bettie (below, $50) is thinner, “sexier,” and has just enough cush to take the edge off.

urbanist underwear the bettie

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