The Daily Bike: Gravel Road World Championships

jpegJust saying it will make you smile: “The Gravel Road World Championships.” The absurdity. The grandeur.
The delusion.

The 2013 gravel worlds were held last weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska. Brian Vernor shot this evocative image during the 2011 event and had this to say about it:

“If you live somewhere on the roughly 500,000 square mile area in the United States called the Great Plains, and ride bicycles, inevitably you will end up on some gravel roads. They’re everywhere. In Lincoln, NE, gravel on a road ride isn’t an occasional detour, it is the ride. I imagine the idea for The Gravel Road World Championships started with a conversation fueled by Old Style, and maybe, most definitely, it started at Yia Yia’s Pizza. Lincoln has a tight cycling community and whether you’re part of the Monkey Wrench Cycles crew, or live at the D Street biker house, somehow you’ll all meet up on a ride. The Gravel Worlds is a self appointed World Championships, and has all the mystique and steez of a race you wish you could win but that nobody has ever heard of. That is to say it is for the insiders. The riders who are part of the scene. Gravel Worlds doesn’t invite anyone. You just know about it and then you just sort of are there in time for the start.”

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