Who Wrote It, Krakauer or Hemingway?

Authors Jon Krakauer and Ernest Hemingway aren’t often compared, but they’re both famous for their writing on adventure, travel, life,

krakauer or hemingwayAuthors Jon Krakauer and Ernest Hemingway aren’t often compared, but they’re both famous for their writing on adventure, travel, life, and death-in different eras. Hemingway was more deep-sea fishing, bullfighting, and hunting, and Krakauer was (in his first three books) more mountaineering, ice, and rock climbing. Despite their vastly differing bodies of work, we think you might not be able to tell their writing apart, if given only a small sample that doesn’t give away the location, period of time, characters, or whether it’s fiction or nonfiction.

Each one of these quotes is from a book written by Jon Krakauer or Ernest Hemingway. You guess which is which.

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  • OkieRover

    Considering how long ago I read those works I thought 55% was a good score.

  • Sam Simon
    Sam Simon

    go i get anything for scoring a 91%? a gold star sticker? scratch and sniff? anything?

  • Adventure Journal
    Adventure Journal

    Sam Simon…you receive the adulation of the entire English-speaking world!

  • Sam Simon
    Sam Simon

    yesssss!!!!! putting that on my resume right now.

  • Doan Pendleton
    Doan Pendleton

    how about.. No Picnic on Mount Kenya.. better then both books..

  • Jason Laviolette
    Jason Laviolette

    64%, cool quiz! I will pass it along to all my English teacher friends and adventure buddies.

  • Ian


  • gordon

    10/11. I am also awaiting my BL beer coozie

  • Aaron

    Is there a DFL prize? 9%. Beat that

  • Jonny B

    36% and I consider Krakauer one of my favorite writers. Yikes, I’m an idiot.

  • Mike

    I didn’t recognize a one quote. I scored 73% using the short-sentence rule, Note the structure of this comment. Hemmingway would.

  • Riley

    I got a 73% not bad considering I never read For Whom the Bell Tolls and only part of Eiger Dreams. Really cool post. Thank you.

  • bonobo male

    Speaking of Krakauer, I recently read this : Theory on Chris McCandless’ Death
    By Ronald Hamilton

    whereby Lathyrus sativa – type poisoning by a protein, not an alkaloid (which was NOT found in Hedysarum); however, I’ll let you get to the end of the link to find out if Hedysarum has the protein or not.

  • adam lauver

    64% not tooo bad

  • Tim

    82% – interesting how the two men tap into the same muse.

  • Drive Nacho Drive
    Drive Nacho Drive

    64%. I’m so ashamed.

  • dennis

    Yes, 10 out of 11. Have never read Krakauer, but most everything from Papa.

  • Nora

    91% cause I’m awesome.

    Here’s one for the road: He was alone. He was unheeded, happy, and near to the wild heart of life. – ??

    And y’all should see my bottom turn.

  • Craig

    64% cause I’m not.

  • Tom Gos

    100%, proving that it is better to be lucky. I probably couldn’t repeat. I have never read Krakauer and only read one or two Hemmingways over 20 years ago when I was in high school. I do think you can see certain words and styles that indicate the generation or era of the writer, but there are many similarities.

  • Luke Flowers


  • Sam


    Pretty much only buy using the way Hemmingway talks in Midnight in Paris as a guide!

  • RW

    82% having never read any Krakauer but loads of Heminway it was more a guess of is this really a Hemingway quote or not. The one about falling in love with all the women threw me off and I fell for the topic and missed the structure. Cool quiz. I liked it.

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