The Daily Bike: The Sound of Speed

adventure journal daily bike gg01The first sensory response most people probably have to this righteous Garrett Grove photo from Retallack Lodge, British Columbia, is one of speed. I mean, for sure: ripping. But for me it’s sound. I love to listen to the sounds of a mountain bike flying past on the trail, the infinitely unique auditory interaction between rubber and dirt or, as the case may be, pine needles and wood chips. Every bike sounds different, every rider pilots with their own style, and even the difference of just a few PSI can make a big difference in the pitch of a tire on dirt. It’s fun to imagine, and guess.

Photo by Garrett Grove. See more of his work at

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  • Jay Long

    Beautiful pic with nice commentary. Dude is definitely smokin’. Love the play on words with “the sound of speed.” We usually think of mach speeds and sonic booms associated with the speed of sound, but the sound of speed is a refreshing, clever twist. Beautiful.

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