Charting Adventure: A Guide to Our Fears

adventure journal charting adventure a guide to our fearsAdventurous people are not by nature a fearful sort. But, you know, there are a few things that do give you us the willies. And here, with the might of science and statistical analysis behind it, is a guide to what scares you us.

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  • Jason

    How did Mountain Lions not make the cut? Nothing worse than riding under a lonely ridge at dusk by yourself and imagining there’s a Mountain Lion behind every boulder.

    • Jon

      Serious. Bears are easy. Make noise, play dead, get big, slowly back away, hang food, ect. Cats… now cats will f your s up for no reason at all.

  • Rodomontade

    Hmm. Is this real? I’m surprised some variation of “people” isn’t on the list. The idea of guns on trails comes up often enough I’d expect a significant number of people are actually worried about getting raped/mugged/kidnapped by other humans.

  • Steven Threndyle (@threndyleski)

    Crashing and getting seriously f**d up so that the rest of your life is a total mess and can’t afford to pay my bills nor support my family. How can that not be number one?

  • Nick

    Way to add up to 100%! Still, this is a great info-graphic – for the missing 3% I’d add forgetting the TP or a wag-bag.

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