Yawn, Just Another Slackline Between Rolling Semis

Let’s be clear, this is nothing but a stunt. When Faith Dickey highlines between two moving tractor trailers, it’s cause she got paid a goodly amount of money by Volvo to do so. But that said, so what? Do you slackline? If so, you know how stinkin’ hard it is just to stand on the line, let alone walk. And to highline…and to highline in the wind…and to highline in the wind when you’re moving…from a pure athletic perspective, it’s darn impressive.

Of course, whether that convinces people to buy Volvo big rigs instead of Peterbuilts is another question.

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  • Nathan

    Watch how many steps she takes where the hood of her jacket is flopping in the wind. It’s zero. Every step she took that was in that video was when the trucks were stopped.

    • steve casimiro Post author

      Aha, conspiracy theory! Anything’s possible, but how do you explain the bouncing of her tether and the aerial heli footage?

  • Kim Kircher

    Makes that stunt that Lori Singer performed in the original Footloose–standing between two moving cars while a truck barreled toward her–look like child’s play.

  • Mateo

    Haha a 2 ton proof cable suddenly snaps in half in front of a flat concrete slab… Lol those cabs should have buckled. The hole thing is pure junk, thanks.

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