Road Rage Against Cyclist Isn’t Pretty

There’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is that we now live in a surveillance state. That’s the good news, too, I suppose — it led to the capture/death of the Boston bombers and it might lead to the arrest of an enraged BMW driver, who chased a cyclist, cornered him, pinned him against a dumpster, and then fled the scene.

The altercation started on April 3 on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, when the two had a confrontation. “During the incident, the bicyclist punched the driver in the face,” said Beverly Hills Police Lt. Lincoln Hoshino. “Subsequently, the driver of the vehicle threatened to kill the victim, and followed him into an alley in the 9000 block of Wilshire Boulevard…[and] the driver intentionally rammed the bicyclist with his vehicle, pinning (the victim) to a metal rolling trash bin.”

Police are looking for a mid-30s Caucasian or Middle Eastern man with dark hair, dark eyes, and slender frame. The Beamer is a white 2008 328i, white.

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  • Hayduke

    A: Why would you ride a bike in Beverly Hills? B: Why would you live in Beverly Hills? C: Why wouldn’t you be armed? D: I like the “bicyclist punched the driver in the face” part.

    • Rob

      Do you trust every rumour you hear on the street? No because your critical faculties tell you to trust what is verified, backed-up and realistic. But today Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, 4chan, etc. have become this incredible rumour mill with nobody (at least very few) seemingly requiring even the remotest shred of logic behind it to be taken as fact. It seems a lot of people who use these sites will accept statements from complete strangers and accept them to be true without the remotest of evidence – which you then demand from the authorities (which, fine you may not trust, but let’s at least operate on equal standards!).

      The term ‘witch-hunt’ to describe the hysteria of the ‘bedroom detectives’ rapidly trying to solve this case on Reddit faster and independent of the authorities is bang on. It followed all the integrity of 18th century villagers chasing the witch who was responsible for the bad harvest or the death of a child from tuberculosis. In short, my friend, it’s laughable (though also a little bit frightening so many people trust it) that the ‘evidence’ on the other side of that link is so full of holes, it’s flimsier than a wall of tissue paper.

      • mario

        No, I don’t even listen to the rumors at the street because I am always walking with my headphones. and I am not a conspiracy believer. so do you think that the fbi evidences are a solid wall, mr. know it all? sorry, but not for me. And don’t waste your time trying to convince me

        • Rob

          Haha! Chill Winston! I’m not trying to convince you, I’m not even trying to tell you the official version of events is certainly correct, but what you linked to is certainly not convincing me. You have already suggested you are a conspiracy believer, so there is no point back-tracking (it’s OK, you’re more than welcome to believe whatever you choose). As for whether the official FBI report will hold water remains to be seen, as it has not been released and generally investigations of this sensitivity don’t come out in full until much later when the full facts have been determined by the experts (you know, to prevent witch-hunts). Oh experts, as in professionals. People who are trained investigators. That is to say, not bored lonely people sat in their rooms in their pants trawling through hundreds of pictures they’ve collected off twitter and 4chan because they needa break from scratching their balls.

  • Glenn

    So much for the fastest police in the country. How come every time someone on a bike is injured or killed by a car either intentionally or by gross negligence the perpetrator seems to always get just a slap on the wrist? Here in utah there was a commuter riding in a bike lane, a few months back. He was hit by a woman who had only scraped a 1ft by 1ft section of frost of of her car. The car dragged the commuter on to a set of train tracks where the unconscious man was soon after hit by a train and killed. She was sentenced to only 200 days in jail with no restitution. It’s ridiculous.

    • anti-idiot

      take note too: is not about cyclists or drivers. think about people with bike or car. one day you can be the driver, another the biker

      • chucky

        If you’re keen to start a fight, you better be prepared for the other guy to finish it – and the fact is, a car is a MUCH better weapon than a bicycle. So if you’re going to take a shot at a driver of a motor vehicle, unlike this idiot, you better have a pretty good getaway plan.

        All we see in this video is the drivers irrational reaction to being violently assaulted, not what started the whole altercation in the first place. The title of the article, “Road Rage Against Cyclist . . .” could easily be “Road Rage Against Driver . . .” if it wasn’t for the obvious bias of the writer. In lieu of more complete information – for all we know, the cyclist had it coming.

        • anti-idiot

          we need to know what this driver did to deserve a punch. fights must be with the same “weapons”. this driver is an insane person, anyway. now, get in the ring hahaha just kidding

          • chucky

            There’s currently no evidence provided which suggests the driver did anything to “deserve” to be punched in the face – and there’s no rule whatsoever dictating “weapons” must be “the same” when picking a fight. Ever heard the old saying, “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”? Well, If the driver’s weapon is his “gun”, the cyclist brought along a blunt stick.

        • tyrone.sweetlick

          Well, well, well, if the cyclist “had it coming”, everything is cool, then, eh? Last I checked, that’s not a legitimate legal defense.

          You’re right– all we see is the driver’s reaction. We don’t see if the cyclist was provoked (still not a legal defense) and we don’t know if he “was keen to start a fight”. That’s your bias showing. Punching, apart from legitimately defending yourself, is assault. Ramming another person with a vehicle is assault with a deadly weapon, also illegal. Chasing someone down is an offensive act, not a defensive one.

          Nobody is questioning the physics here, champ. We all understand motor vehicles are more deadly than bicycles. That doesn’t make their drivers justified in using them as a weapon, whether wronged or not. That also explains why I am much more likely to side with a bicyclist in situations just as this. As drivers, we have more potential for damage than a bicyclist does.

          With greater power resides greater responsibility. If you are not willing to accept that responsibility, don’t get behind the wheel.

          • chucky

            Well, well, well, ‘champ’, if you were in possession of more advanced reading and comprehension skills, you’d already be aware that I didn’t say “the cyclist had it coming”, as you implied – all I said was that “for all we know, the cyclist had it coming”. Nor did I state that the cyclist “was keen to start a fight”. That’s your ignorance showing.

            As I’d already stated that the driver was “assaulted” when then cyclist punched him, any intelligent person would naturally assume I’m aware that “punching, apart from legitimately defending yourself, is assault”. What we know for certain is that the cyclist punched the motorist – in the face – and “for all we know”, this assault was entirely unprovoked. It’s a natural reaction, when attacked, to fight back – and in doing so, it’s a natural instinct to use whatever weapons you have at your disposal. Only a complete moron would think if they were to attack a far more dangerous opponent, they should expect a reaction of equal proportion in response.

            I also didn’t say, as you implied, that the driver was “justified” in running the cyclist down with his vehicle. In fact, I described it as an “irrational reaction”.

            Perhaps a series of remedial English classes may help to inhibit your potential for jumping to ignorant conclusions in the future?

  • anti-idiot

    sorry chucky, streets are not a knife or gun fight. i prefer to evolve by myself than stay hearding sayings from old west. i am lucky i didnt encounter you while i was riding my bike. fight must be between real fighters, not cowards.

    • chucky


      Rational, intelligent people are aware that sayings such as “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight” are meant to be interpreted metaphorically, not literally. Evidently, all you can contribute intellectually is the metaphorical equivalent to a “blunt stick”.

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