Iranian Spelunkers Find World’s 4th Largest Cave

worlds fourth largest cave

Let’s just get one thing straight here: The limestone cave that was recently discovered by a group of Iranian cavers near Mehriz, Yazd, in central Iran, is absolutely ginormous. Measured at 1,263 feet by 869 feet, and 330 feet high, the cavern covers 81,000 square meters, or 20 acres, and has been confirmed as the world’s fourth-largest cave. Ghar-e-Dosar, as it’s called, was discovered some time ago, but the team of eight returned in February 2012 to measure it and just completed its calculations.

The room sits pretty close to the surface, too, giving ready access for Iranian raves or subterranean house parties — just 130 feet down via corkscrewing entrance. And how does Ghar-e-Dosar stack up against the competition? It’s about half the size of Sarawak Chamber in Malaysia, which is 163,000 square meters. Via Iranian Cavers and Caver Bob.

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