The Daily Pow, March 22, 2013

daily pow headerdaily pow fin 660It’s easy to lose perspective. If I were to experience this moment just once, if I were to somehow find myself magically placed on skis in a field of cold, dry snow, and then blast through it like this, it would be the experience of a lifetime. I would never forget it — the sensation of motion softened by the blanket of snow, the feeling of being at one with the world, the cold splash and sudden gasp. Many years later, it would still be crystalized, right there for the taking.

But somehow, I have been blessed to have experienced this moment not once, but thousands of times, so many times that they blur together and I can remember but a few of the individual moments. And what I’m left with is not memory, but knowledge, a cumulative acquisition of experience processed into something uniquely human. I have the knowledge that my life was changed by my first face shot. I have the knowledge that of all the possible lives I could be living, I can’t imagine one better, because of snow. And I have the knowledge, above all, that I am a powder skier.

Photo by Lee Cohen

The Daily Pow will be back in the fall — hope you’ve enjoyed it! And thanks to all the amazing photographers, skiers, and snowboarders who’ve contributed to sharing this joy of snow.

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