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Jonathan McFarland is a guy who lives in a van. Yes, that one right there. He’s looking for a lady

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Jonathan McFarland is a guy who lives in a van. Yes, that one right there. He’s looking for a lady to share his van. And you know what, this is America. McFarland is an optimist. Anything can happen. He recently published a short post about himself on’s “Dating Site for Vandwellers” thread and what he was hoping to find in a “Vanpanion” (companion + van = vanpanion).

McFarland hasn’t actually had any replies yet, but he admitted that he thought the number of actual active members of the forum was pretty minimal. Still, it’s a worthy quest. The type of lady he’s looking for is out there, somewhere. Or maybe right here, reading AJ.

Here’s the text of the original post:

Judging by the amount of threads in this topic, I am not expecting much success here but who knows?

A little about me: I am Jonathan McFarland, a 22 year old, male currently living in Louisville, KY. I am on the verge of making the transition from part van dwelling to full time adventuring. I am an avid road tripper with 3 cross-country trips and 50k+ miles under my belt. I drive a converted E150, she’s my absolute baby. I enjoy music, both listening and playing/writing, and I typically travel with one or more instruments. I take up my free time by traveling, meeting new people, reading/writing, making music and just generally pondering the amazingness of life. I am wilderness man and I enjoy living on the minimal, I make just enough money to live the way I do and sometimes and I can even struggle but that makes it all the more exciting for me.

A little on what I’m looking for: I am looking for a woman who first and foremost is into the idea of living in a van (hard to find). Secondly, someone who isn’t afraid to work hard to keep the vanning dream alive. Someone who loves the mountains and could spend 2 weeks or more living in a tent. Someone that doesn’t list vanity in their top concerns. I basically would just like a free thinking girl, who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and wants to assure a lifetime of adventure.

Feel free to drop me a line!

Well, dude, it doesn’t hurt to ask. You’ll never win the lottery unless you buy a ticket.

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Brendan Leonard is a contributing editor to Adventure Journal. Follow him at his blog, Semi-Rad.
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  • Chelsey

    This is amazing. I want to ride along!

  • Craig Rowe

    ^ And just like that …

    The Christian Mingle of outdoor adventure websites.

  • Jonathan McFarland

    Chelsey….I wouldn’t mind the company.

  • Jackie

    If you ever find yourself in New York City, give me a holler. I sincerely appreciate your optimism.

  • KatieSue

    Only 22… dang, people would think I’m a cougar. Any guys in their 30’s looking for a vanpanion?

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