Moments of Regret: 3 Years of Mountain Bike Crashes

Ever wonder what happens to all that raw GoPro footage shot on those gazillion helmet cams you see out on the trail every weekend? Hopefully stuff like this: For your cringing pleasure, Joe Bernard sifted through 700 gigabytes of GoPro footage, over three years of rides, to put together this blooper reel of crashes in Whistler, Mammoth, Northstar, Jackson Hole, Bellingham, and Northern California. It’s a diverse buffet of “d’oh!” — endos, crashes into trees, fast, slow, botched landings, near misses — and it all begins poetically with his friend accidentally whacking himself in the junk with his goggles. Yes, it’s a moments of regret gold mine.

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  • Matt Freeman

    Maybe my favourite “Moments of Regret” yet, if only because I recognized so many places I’ve donated my own flesh and self-respect .

    On the plus side, at least the crashes at 4:30 are before the GLC drops…nothing worse than eating sh*t there in front of everyone having a beer on the deck…

  • Tait

    I’m sure there are lessons to be learnt here. Such as: apparently donning a massive helmet enables one to escape any calamity unscathed. Others?

  • bobbles mcderp

    Oh man. I am the goggle-junk-whacker. Never thought this is how I’d enter the limelight. Awesome edit Joe!

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