The Daily Pow, February 12, 2013

daily pow headerSkier: Bernard RosowLocation: Mammoth Mountain

Is powder a serious pursuit for you or a fun one? I don’t mean do you enjoy it. That’s self evident. What I mean is, does powder lighten your heart? Does it restore the six-year-old in you? Does it set loose the spirit that’s too often bound by the mundane stresses of life? Do you laugh and play when you ski powder or do you grimace as you compete for first tracks?

If not, why not? No other medium offers the soft embrace of snow. No other sport is as forgiving when gravity wins. Snow is a miracle, and skiing the deeps is magic. Next time you lawn dart, make a snow angel. Give yourself a second to think about how truly blessed you are. And if I race past and steal your line with a grimace on my face, be sure to laugh about it.

Photo: Bernard Rosow at Mammoth Mountain, California, by Christian Pondella. See more at

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