The Daily Pow, February 1, 2013

daily pow headerrpk6 660Two days ago, nine-year-old David Coombs, the son of ski legend Doug Coombs, went skiing in Jackson, Wyoming, where he lives. David does this a lot, but this time he was moved to write about it. — Ed.

First I went up the tram with my mom and I was squashed because of all the people! But I figured out how to get in, though. Then about half way up there was this wind that moved the tram a little…and a little more. It was kind of scary but when I finally got out I was embarrassed because I was in the front of the line and I could not move cause of the wind. Then I got my skis on. And I started skiing my mom said I had to ski close to her because I could not see anything! It was sooooo windy! I thought I was gonna grow icicles on my chin!

Then we followed the black gates down Rendezvous Bowl. And I got to the bottom, and I was happy because it was so cold up there. (It was blowing like 40 50 or 60 miles per hour!) Then we decided to go to the Hobacks. When we got there it was SO powdery! The powder went up my face! But it was fun. We got tired and took rests. Then I went off a drop and I wasn’t expecting it and I almost went forward and faceplanted. Then we kept going forward in the deeeeeeeeeeeep/fun powder!

Photo: A fresh tramload prepares to drop in atop Jackson, by Steve Casimiro

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  • Robert

    Steve – I am sure Doug is up above with a huge smile on his face. The piece brought to mind the first time I took my son (he was 7 at the time) on the Snowbird tram. I have a couple of great pictures of him “squashed” among the riders. We skied the mess out of Mineral Basin that day, and it remains in my top 5 ski days with my son. Cheers.

  • stormin'

    Coominator ll! Kudos to Emily, she’s bringing David up in true mountain style. “Then we decided to go to the Hobacks.” Hellz yeah! Doug is indeed smiling. Rip on little brother, rip on!

  • Anne Paschen

    I remember Doug with icicles on his chin. Nice work David.

    Miss you Emily. Please let David know that Cole misses him.

    Anne Paschen

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