The Daily Bike, February 6, 2013

copenhagen winter 660There’s nothing remarkable about this scene if you live in Copenhagen. Odds are, however, that you don’t live in Copenhagen and so the sight of a pretty woman in very stylish clothes riding a bicycle in the middle of slushy snow day is worth remarking upon. As is the fact that she’s wearing decidedly non-snow-appropriate shoes. And that she’s not posing for some fashion photo shoot, but that she’s engaging in real life, running errands — as it happens, hauling home a big tub of paint, a paint roller, an extender, and some stir sticks. And, finally, that she seems expressly happy about it.

What are the odds of seeing this scene in any American city? Pretty close to zero.

Photo by Theis, in affiliation with Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

copenhagen winter 02

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