The Daily Bike, February 19, 2013

Bicycled_1_470The handbuilt bike trend is practically old school now, but variations on the theme never seem to run out of steam. And with the twin miracles of Kickstarter and Etsy practically any idea, nutty or not (or nuttier the better), stands a good chance of capturing a niche marketplace.

And…if you’re an ad house/creative agency like Lola Madrid, a large Spanish firm with an international client base, you can skip the Etstarter phase and jump straight to GO! Which they’ve apparently done with BICYCLED, a bike brand that, according to their sell copy, will empower bike shop owners to build rather than just sell bicycles.

And not just any bikes. Bikes made by “upcycling” car parts into bike parts.

It’s a big challenge. Eyeball the nifty film about it below and see builders resurfacing haggard saddles with cast-off vinyl from a car’s interior, imagineering door handles into seatpost clamps, and lord knows how they made the frame itself.┬áThe “sell” is that BICYCLED bikes will each be unique, since it will be up to the builder to decide what to use in the drafting of bike-into-car morph. It’s a lovely idea, but call us skeptical; there are so many dead bike parts floating around already, and turning those into usable bikes again would seem the more direct path to rollability.

But hey, we’d happily rock a cruiser with piano-black paint, a 1963 Lincoln Continental head badge, upcycled chrome chain-guard, and “three-on-the-tree” transmission… while we’re dreaming…


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