Poll: What’s the Most Romantic Thing About the Outdoors?

adventure journal poll romantic outdoor 660Most of the defining moments of the courtship with my wife took place outdoors. Those little, notable interactions between us, the character traits that defined her, those things that seemed so enchanting, and, yes, the proposal, they happened under the sun and stars, on the trail or in the water. Of course, we spent as much time as we could outside, but still, there’s no denying that watching shooting stars on a Utah mesa or catching snowflakes in Mammoth went a long way toward creating the right atmosphere. I mean, really, what’s romantic about a fancy restaurant or a date to the movies compared to riding mountain bikes in the pre-dawn light and watching the sun rise from atop a hill?

Of course, it hasn’t all been milk and honey. Both of us have needed stitches (surfing, mountain biking), both of us have hurled from going too high too fast (backpacking, skiing), and we’ve been sunburned, bug bit, and poison oaked. So, on this week of hearts and chocolates and sales of technical base layers from Victoria’s Secret, as we consider the elements that lead to a zip-together sleeping bag, let’s also consider those that don’t.

What do you guys think is the most romantic thing about the outdoors? And what’s the least?

Pick up to three.


This week, one poll participant will receive Smith Optic’s I/O snow goggles. We’ll pick the winner via random number generator (and announce it here) — all you have to do to enter is vote and leave a comment so we have your email to contact you. Must have a U.S. or Canadian address. Contest ends Sunday, February 17, at midnight PST.

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