Moments of Regret: First Ski Jump Fail


Moments of Regret fall into two main category: Darwin Award mishaps and Going For It fails. One is the consequences of poor judgment, the other of guts. And yes, there’s a Venn diagram where the two overlap. But in this case, where an 11-year-old makes a flat landing and walks out of both shows, it’s all guts.

The video’s been floating around for a couple of weeks, gaining traction, and I thought of it this morning (Sunday) as I was reading the Los Angeles Times’s coverage of the Super Bowl. The Times quoted Joe Flacco as saying that any success he’s had is because he’s not afraid to fail, and it struck that that attitude is what’s at the heart of the adventure experience — to set aside self-consciousness and fear and expectation, to have the confidence to ignore the doubters, and just go for it.

Before the next jump, though, you might want to give those binders a half turn.

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