Moments of Regret: Falling Off a Chairlift

Some level of scofflawery is required of the freerange human, but after almost getting slingshotted off a chairlift that derailed in a windstorm, I no longer flaunt safety by refusing to put the bar down. Nor, I’m sure, will this fella.

The video was shot by Trippy Editing, who wrote, “I was skiing when my friend gets off balance and ends up hanging from the chair. He did not have the security bar down. He hung from about Pole 8 to 21, and at 21 he fell. This was on a lift that averages 37ft above the ground, But pole 21 was the 3rd highest strech at about 45ft high, 19 being the highest. He suffered from injuries including: concussion, skull fracture, collapsed lung, and a lacerated liver….He had to be helicoptered out to a local hospital.”

It’s unclear exactly what the victim was doing — Trippy thinks cleaning snow off his board — but whatever it was, it was a bad idea. Now, lower that bar.

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