Making the Best of a Slab Situation

Despite his bluster about not caring whether he drowns (this, from a man with three children), surf photographer Russell Ord is to be admired for his determination to create images that transcend the ordinary. Ord found himself in a slump, dissatisfied with the photos he was shooting, and has set himself on a course to find “the one” image that defines him. Most photographers know that’s a tall order — trying to create a career-defining picture is like trying to create true love. More honestly, you have to put yourself out there again and again and hope you recognize when the right one comes along. But at least he sees the box and wants to break out of it.

This teaser is for a documentary on Ord’s quest, which is interesting enough but actually isn’t the reason it’s posted here today. Rather, it’s because of a really sick short sequence that kicks in at 1:25 — a surfer drops into massive righthand slab, miscalculates his balance, and falls flat onto the face of the wave. But rather than dive for the bottom or give up and succumb to his Maytag fate, he attempts to body surf the beast — and for a split second does, before finally surrendering to a guh-narly over the falls. The whole thing lasts 10 seconds, but the dude is so stylish in making the best of a bad situation, it might stay with you all day.

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