How to Lose a Girlfriend in One Easy Push

In the video called “World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever,” (see below) people jump off a 400-foot canyon wall tethered

In the video called “World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever,” (see below) people jump off a 400-foot canyon wall tethered to a rope and swinging across the gorge. Though nuts, the crazier footage comes in the outtakes from the making of video, above. It features a girlfriend who decided not to jump and a boyfriend who had other ideas. To find out whether she jumped or not, watch the video beginning at 11:28. The outcome might surprise you.

(Spoiler) So, to recap: The girlfriend, Jessica Powell of Meridian, Idaho, is all strapped in and ready to make the jump at this undisclosed location when she begins having doubts, and finally decides not to jump. The boyfriend, one Creighton Baird of Amarillo, Texas, has already jumped and is encouraging her to jump.

“All right, here we go,” Graham says.

“No, Devin, not yet, not yet,” Powell says. “I’m not going to jump. I don’t know if I can jump.”

Graham doesn’t force the issue, saying, “I’ll count down to zero. If you choose not to jump, I’m totally fine with you not jumping.”

There are at least 10 countdowns that are for naught as Powell refuses to jump, and she keeps repeating, “I can’t do it,” until finally telling her boyfriend, “Honey, I don’t want to do it.”

“Put two hands on the rope,” Baird says.

“Please don’t push me off,” Powell says. “Please don’t.”

“I am not. I am not going to push you,” Baird says. “I’m not going to push you.”

Then, of course, he pushes her. And as she swings to the other side of the canyon, you hear Powell’s voice loud and clear: “I’m breaking up with you!”

Baird rolls on the ground laughing and says, “I just got dumped.”

Scottie, one of the two men who set up the lines, asks if it was worth it.

“It will be worth it,” Baird says. “Someday she’ll thank me.”

“Can I have her number?” asks Scottie, not giving the relationship much hope.

Well, as it turned out, the couple did break up.

“Did they break up that day? No,” Dallin Smith, a spokesman for Devin Super Tramp, maker of the video, said. “After a couple of weeks passed, though, they did end up breaking up for reasons other than the cliff-pushing incident. Afterwards, she just laughed it off.

“I don’t remember all that she said because it took her 45 minutes to get back up, and by that time she cooled down. They just kissed and shrugged it off.”

Hmmm, definitely not the reaction you might have expected. As for Scottie, it’s not known whether he’s called her yet.

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  • mjs552

    Creighton Baird should be slapped.
    Everyone in the video is a rodent minded turd.
    I wish I hadn’t watched that.
    Great work “Super Tramp”…

  • mims

    these guys are douchebags. Water frezes below 32 farenheith ont zero, I;m guessing they are unawares of the metric system, and that is definitely not tundra. not even goign to the pushing a reluctant participant.

  • mjs552

    Complete Morons. Everyone involved.

  • Justin!

    I do have to add to the echo-chamber about the opinion being expressed of the less than perfect mannerisms being expressed in this group.

  • Clara

    I would’ve love to jump, but if I had doubts and were already strapped in and ready, I would’ve liked to be pushed.. Just Saying.

  • Lost

    Agreed. I will watch almost any kinda sport porn but these guys make me nauseous.

  • OJ

    having been on some trips with Creighton that wasn’t a surprise. she knew he would do it. and you can hear him counting down just before he pushes her.

  • gringo

    not to be a complete ass, but are these guys Mormon? they remind me of every ‘adventurous 20-something’ from Utah that I have met over the years…

    They just need to drink a beer and just relax once for a change.

  • Dorothy

    I haved been duped like that before and I haved dumped him before

  • Kim Kircher

    How could she not see that coming?

  • J

    …Idiot Club charter members….all

  • Caleb

    Glad you guys could all express your superiority over what you probably view as a youtube stunt.

  • Steve

    Guy that pushed her is an idiot, she should file criminal charges against him. No one should do anything like that against one’s will. Especially with a 45min ascent back up.

  • Amy C

    Taking a risk has to be our own choice. It doesn’t matter if she was strapped in, or if she’d stated earlier she wanted to go, but then changed her mind. It doesn’t matter if it was fun after the fact. Empowerment comes from taking that step OURSELVES. Empowerment comes from saying no and having those who profess to love you respect your choices and your decision—whatever they turn out to be.

    The actions (and reactions) of the guys on this video make me so angry. If you say no, it means no. Period.

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