Full Moon Rising…With Little People In Front of It

Two of something don’t make a meme, but between this video of a full moon rise over New Zealand and the mesmerizing short film of Dean Potter slacklining in Yosemite in front of another full one that Mike Schaefer sent us a few months ago, there might be something lunar going on.

In this video, Mark Gee used a 500mm lens with a doubler and shot people atop a viewpoint on Mt. Victoria, Wellington. I heartily recommend that you tune out any distractions, enable full screen, sit back, relax, and watch the miracle that is our world.

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    • steve casimiro Post author

      This is the second time in a week that a Vimeo clip has simply disappeared after I embedded and posted it. If you guys discovered it happening again — where I’m talking about a video that isn’t there but obviously should be — please shoot an email to “mail at adventure-journal.com”. Thanks.

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