Fresh Goods: Giro’s Stylish Cycling Apparel

Giro_New_Road_660Cycling apparel that’s rooted in style and performance is nothing new (see: Rapha). Giro is the first major player in a long time to push the boundaries of mainstream biking clothes.

Giro’s New Road line (see below for more) looks like actual clothing, but, like Rapha, it hides its technical chops. And like Rapha, the key ingredient is wool. But Giro promises more than just merino in combination with a synthetic, as has been the norm. It says their Nycore is wool “fabricated with a durable, lightweight nylon core.” In practice the idea means a lighter garment and also reduced sag — the downer with most wool jerseys is that as you sweat they start to elongate.

Much of the line (from base layers to bibs, baggies to shell pieces) will be a lot like the SS Merino Crew, above, incorporating cycling-focused details like traditional three-rear-pocket function, but with less flash. Tiny stealth extras (this shirt has reinforced tape along the back to further support the pocket contents, along with a zippered internal pocket) will be a major focus of the ingredient mix.

And while Giro calls this road gear, just like Rapha, who cares? It’ll make great mountain bike clothing, too.

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