Wow From Space – Satellite Pictures of the Year

NASA and Google Earth don’t have hegemony over bird’s eye views. Digital Globe has three satellites in orbit shooting high-res images for a variety of clients, and the firm is about to wrap up its pictures of the year contest. The front runner and likely winner is Mt. Fuji with a giant cotton ball clouds, but others are pretty sweet, too.

For more, visit Digital Globe’s contest page on Facebook.

Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

Andes Mountains, Puntiagudo-Cordón Cenizos volcanic chain, Chile

Calving glacier, Antarctica

Icebergs, Petermann Glacier, Greenland

Iron ore mine, Koolan Island, Australia

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  • Andrew

    Photos like these put things in perspective in a world that focuses continually on “me”. It is great to stand back and know that you are just part of a much bigger creation and that there is so much beauty out there to enjoy when we take our gaze off ourselves and look out into the big bold world.

  • Ron Murphy

    I just love our great planet! I have seen some super Volcanoes such as Cotopaxi in Ecuador! This is a great shot! I have a similar one that I took myself looking down into one called Antisana. we just happened to be flying over and there it was!

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