When a Polar Bear’s Favorite Snack Is You

Pack your Pampers. A few week’s ago, we shared a video from National Geographic in which a captive brown bear was tempted with fried chicken to paw at a cage with a TV host inside. It was completely contrived (my purpose in sharing was the show how freaking big a bear can be), and many of you criticized NG for hillbilly tactics. In this video, though, the BBC isn’t quite so redneck: Scottish filmmaker Gordon Buchanan climbs into a bearproof snow machine and sits on the ice to watch a bear up close. What he doesn’t expect is to be bait.

“The idea was to get close to polar bears and do it safely,” Buchanan said. “But because they are a dangerous animal, they do see us on occasion as food. I just wanted to be on the ice, by myself, and have a close encounter.”

Um, yeah. A little closer than expected. Buchanan didn’t soil himself, but his heart was pounding so hard it was picked up by the camera microphone.

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