The Daily Pow, January 9, 2013

At last check in Adventure Journal’s poll, What’s the Best Ski Resort in North America?, Alta was tied for fifth place with Snowbird. Not surprising, perhaps, that it follows Whistler/Blackcomb and Jackson, but Stevens Pass and Crystal? That probably says more about the PNW hills’ ability to rally the troops via social media, but who knows? When you see days like this — and you know how many days there are like this — Alta seems like the winner.

Photo: Caroline Gleich in Alta, Utah, by Lee Cohen

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  • Gian Longo

    Steve, anyway to incorporate camera settings in to the photos you post to the site? Camera used, f-stop, shutter speed, ISO for example…Great shot above. Keep up the great work on the site.

  • Louis Zuhr

    Well yeah, people in the PNW are too busy sitting in a coffee shop on their iPads to actually be skiing like those of us in the Wasatch.

  • Kim Kircher

    I work at Crystal. When it’s on, there’s no place like it. But we have our off days too. More than our fair share, actually. Alta and Snowbird are pretty darn awesome, even on their off days.

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