The Daily Pow, January 25, 2013

daily pow headerDaryl Treadway, Great Canadian Heliskiing, BCDaryl Treadway is set up perfectly for the obvious line at Great Canadian Heliskiing, British Columbia. Couldn’t criticize it in any way. But with this perspective, it makes you wonder about other lines, doesn’t it? For example, what if he started his left turn little sooner and drew it longer? That would bring him into that shadowed pocket, which looks to me like a baby fallaway — not much, but perhaps a slightly steeper section that could give you a hair more speed and a bigger face shot when you arced the boards back to the right. Or what if you needle-threaded left into that slot — not exactly an aesthetic line, but what kind of hallway might be waiting on the other side? That’s the fantastic thing about tree skiing — constant choices, constant mystery.

Photo by Jordan Manley

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