The Daily Pow, January 2, 2013

Exactly one year ago, only 19.5 percent of the country was covered in snow. Today, it’s a different story, with 63.1 percent blanketed and more on the way. What a difference a year makes, eh?

The numbers are pretty cool. Last month, there was just 14.4 percent. But December came in like a lion. In 2011, the average depth was 1.1 inches. Today it’s 6.5. And the maximum depth? A crazy cool 111.75 FEET. Now, go get after it.

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  • CJ

    This story made me smile… How do you post stories consistently about ‘global warming’ and then post something like this? Looks like the whole world is melting little by little…. Pick a side A.J.!

    • steve casimiro Post author

      There are no sides in science, CJ. And the fact the snowfall in North America is deeper and more widespread this season than last has absolutely no bearing on whether global warming exists. Over time, metrics that plot the evidence of climate change, such as temperature or sea level rise, might appear relatively smooth and consistent and moving in one direction, but in reality they are erratic — up and down and up and down. One relatively decent month of snow means nothing in the bigger picture. And if you want to nitpick individual stats, the most recent figures from the National Climatic Data Center show that U.S. snowfall is below average so far.

  • Mike Fennelly

    Something must be wrong with the American educational system. The lack of depth and understanding of even simple topics in science is appalling. Lets start with Climate and Weather…..After that we can go on to Anecdotal and Statistical Evidence…When I read comments like the one at the top I lose hope.

  • Nacnud Nosmoht

    CJ – you’re kidding, right? Please tell us you’re kidding, so we can stop holding our heads and groaning.

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