The Daily Bike, January 15, 2013

The location is in the Sierras de San Luis, in the heart of Argentina. Writes Cody Hanson, who shot the photo of his girlfriend, Kristen Reichardt:

It was a beautiful, cold range, with a few-thousand-foot, switchbacking, euro-style climb to get there.

We were riding from Buenos Aires to Santiago. The day before we had ended our stay with a family in a small rural town called Quines. As we first entered the town looking for a campsite, a 13-year-old boy approached us riding an old mountain bike and wearing a pro team jersey of some sort. He invited us to his home because we looked thirsty and we were on bicycles – he liked bicycles. We were wary, but his mom welcomed us with open arms. For three days we camped in their backyard and met their entire extended family. We were treated to a goat roast, played soccer with the town on the their walled dirt pitch, and shot a game of pool in the jefe’s house. After the game, they gave us a liter of Coke rather than water because it was from America. It was the highlight of the trip and it only happened because we were on bikes. Before that tour, we had no idea how great of a global friend-maker a bike could be.

It was a bittersweet departure, but the road was good. The road is always good. Two weeks later we arrived at the Pacific ocean in Valparaiso, Chile.

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